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VOLUME 35, 2008 Volume 35, Number 1 2008 CONTENTS Teresa Lesiuk 1 The effect of preferred music listening on

stress levels of air traffic controllers

Jj. Lauren Johnson 11 Therapeutic filmmaking: An exploratory

Kevin G. Alderson pilot study

Holly Feen-Calligan 20 Service-learning and art therapy in a homeless shelter

Moshe Bensimon 34 Drumming through trauma: Music therapy

Dorit Amir with post-traumatic soldiers

Yuval Wolf

Seong-in Kim 49 Computer determination of placement ina

Hyung-Seok Kang drawing for art therapy assessments

Kee-Eung Kim

Einat S. Metzl 60 Systematic analysis of art therapy research

published in Art Therapy: Journal of AATA between 1987 and 2004

Book review: Grief unseen: Healing Pregnancy Loss through the Arts

Sarah C. Slayton

Barbara Banchero 76 Book review: The Embodied Self: Movement Patrizia Pallaro and Psychoanalysis

New Books of Potential Interest

Cathi Teeter McCutcheon News and Notes

Barbara Chutroo 95 Erratum to “The drive to be whole: A develop- mental model inspired by Paul Schilder and Lauretta Bender in support of holistic treatment strategies” | Arts Psychother. 34 (2007) 409-419]

Acknowledgement to Reviewers 2007 Cover Design Credit

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Volume 35, Number 2

Bonnie Meekums

Beth Beathard Robert E. Krout

Perine M. Davelaar Fabiana S. Araujo David A. Kipper

Karen Caldwell Kathleen T. Brinko Rebecca Krenz Kristin Townsend

Seong-in Kim

Pavel G. Somov

Dena M. Register Russell E. Hilliard

Ephrat Huss Julie Cwikel

Nancy Slater

Karen D. Goodman

Cathi Teeter McCutchan


Pioneering Dance Movement Therapy in Britain: Results of narrative research

A music therapy clinical case study of a girl with childhood apraxia of speech: Finding Lily’s voice

The Revised Spontaneity Assessment Inventory (SAI-R): Relationship to goal orientation, moti- vation, perceived self-efficacy, and self-esteem

Individuals with intellectual disabilities: Educators in expressive arts therapy

Computer judgment of main color in a drawing for art psychotherapy assessment

A psychodrama group for substance use relapse prevention training

Using Orff-based techniques in children's bereavement groups: A cognitive-behavioral music therapy approach

“It’s hard to be the child of a fish and a butterfly”. Creative genograms: Bridging objective and subjective experiences

Book review: Art in Treatment: Transatlantic Dialogue

Book review: Cracking Up and Back Again: Transformation Through Poetry

New Books of Potential Interest News and Notes Cover Design Credit

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Volume 35, Number 3

Corinna Brown

Emily Parkinson

Susana Pendzik

Phil Jones

Randy M. Vick Dolores Nicoll

Cathi Teeter McCutchan

The importance of making art for the creative arts therapist: An artistic inquiry

Developmental transformations with Alzheimer’s patients in a residential care facility

Dramatic Resonances: A technique of inter- vention in drama therapy, supervision, and training

The active self: Drama therapy and philosophy OUTSIDER: The life and art of Judith Scott

Book review: Music Therapy Groupwork with Special Needs Children: The Evolving Process

New Books of Potential Interest News and Notes

Inger Oster 242 Erratum to “Art therapy for women with Eva Magnusson breast cancer: The therapeutic consequences Karin Egberg Thyme of boundary strengthening” [Arts Psychother. Jack Lindh 34 (2007) 277-288] Sture Astrém 243 Cover Design Credit 244 Guide for Authors Volume 35, Number 4 2008 Suzanne Lister 245 Current bereavement theory: Implications Dolores Pushkar for art therapy practice Kate Connolly Kenneth Aigen 251 An analysis of qualitative music therapy research reports 1987-2006: Articles and book chapters Deborah L. Elkis-Abuhoff 262 Art therapy applied to an adolescent with Asperger’s syndrome Phil Jones 271 Research into the core processes of drama therapy: Vignettes and conversations Barbara Daveson 280 Indigenous music therapy theory building Clare O'Callaghan through grounded theory research: The Denise Grocke developing indigenous theory framework Holly Feen-Calligan 287 Use of artwork as a visual processing modality Olivia G.M. Washington in group treatment of chemically dependent David P. Moxley minority women Diana Milia 296 Book review: The Silver Drawing Test and

Cathi Teeter McCutchan


Draw a Story New Books of Potential Interest

News and Notes Cover Design Credit

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Volume 35, Number 5

Kenneth Aigen

Seong-in Kim Youn-Hee Kim Eun-Jin Kim

Ilaria Moneta Cécile Rousseau

Edna Nissimov-Nahum




An analysis of qualitative music therapy research Reports 1987-2006: Doctoral studies

An expert system for interpretation of structured mandala

Emotional expression and regulation in a school- based drama workshop for immigrant adoles- cents with behavioral and learning difficulties

A model for art therapy in educational settings with children who behave aggressively

Susana Pendzik,

Myra F. Levick

J.L. Murdoch

Cathi Teeter McCutchan

Using the 6-Key Model as an intervention tool in drama therapy

Book review: Healing the Inner City Child: Creative Arts Therapies with At-risk Youth

Book review: An Introduction to Dramatherapy

New Books of Potential Interest News and Notes

Contents and Authors Volume 35 Cover Design Credit

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